NimbleDroid Product Update, May 2016

This month we’ve been primarily focused on improving the more hidden parts of NimbleDroid, as well as laying the groundwork for some exciting features coming next month. For now, here are a couple of visible product updates.

Better Management of Uploads

We have a number of users who have been doing automated Gradle uploads for months, or who might have uploaded “test” versions of an app when evaluating NimbleDroid. Since some users want to remove certain specific uploads from their results, we’ve added the ability to do so under the Uploads tab on the App page. You can also see the full list of all uploads you’ve made and link to the results.

Better Breakdown of Method Count

Our previous Method Count screen provided some good insight into what SDKs were eating up the non-MultiDex limit. Unfortunately, the way we conveyed the information and handled certain unknown SDKs caused confusion. Using feedback on this, we’ve re-worked the Method Count screen.

Any SDKs we have not yet identified will no longer be bundled with the Application SDK - they will now be shown as Other. In addition, we’ve added more columns and labeled them more clearly in an effort to clear any possible confusions.

Stay tuned next month as we will have some exciting new feature announcements!