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How Fast Do Top News Apps Start?

Two weeks ago, we presented our study of cold start times of top apps in Google Play. Meanwhile, our friends at the New York Times explained how they’ve reduced their Android app’s startup time from 5.6 seconds to just 1.7 seconds with the help of NimbleDroid, so we feel obliged...

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Cold Start Times: An Analysis of Top Apps

We’ve stressed that apps need to start up quickly in a prior blog post, but how fast do existing apps start? Here we examine the startup times of the top 100 apps in Google Play and share the insights we find. Background: Three Types of App Starts There are actually...

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Why You Should Care about Your Android App's Performance

Android is dominating the global and national mobile app market. As a result, developers are pumping out new apps every day. As early as 2011, over 500 new Android apps were being released daily. By April 2015, the number of Android apps had reached over 1.4 million, and apps on...

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